Friday, April 1, 2011

New Mary Green - Viktoria

It's another appearance of misspelling today. Nope, it's not Victoria here on Vancouver Island but the new Viktoria chemise and thong set by Mary Green.

It'll be a fun and whimsical spring if Mary Green has anything to say about it. Sunbursts of candy pink and deep lavender play against a mikado yellow background, and just for added interest a waterfall of leopard spots dance down your center.

Mary Green calls this fabric crushed silk, which gives the comfort and flow of silk without the shiny look. The deep lavender, stretch lace on the Viktoria adds a traditional feminine touch but keeps it young with scalloped edges and a bow at the breast bone.

The matching Mary Green Viktoria thong is stretch lace, continuing the flattering scalloped edge and adding the flirty pattern of the chemise just on the back.

This sheer georgette chemise is guaranteed to make you feel young no matter what the calendar says.

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