Thursday, September 30, 2010

Win The Cat's Pajamas

It’s true, here on the West Coast winters can be a bit cold, wet and dreary, but we always bring in lots of snuggly pajamas to help ward off the chills.

And just to make sure you stay warm into the coming season, we’re giving away sleepwear by The Cat’s Pajamas. These pajamas come in fun, flannel patterns and will not only keep you warm but are also guaranteed make you smile.

For your chance to win, leave a comment on any of our articles here, at Underwear Matters, or on Secret Drawers Lingerie's Facebook page. The drawing is October 14th.

For other items to warm you up check out pajamas by Bedhead, robes by Bella Notte and stockings by Trasparenze to really get the blood pumping.

You don’t have to worry about the weather this season as long as you remember one thing: underwear matters...

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Monday, September 27, 2010

The Unbelievabra's Benefits - Thoughts From a Chiropractor

Secret Drawers Lingerie has been open more than a decade, and in that time we've managed to ferret out what we consider to be the very best in sleepwear, lingerie and well, every kind of underwear. We rave about our products because we've personally gotten to know and love them. But you don't have to just take our word for it, here is a doctor's unique thoughts on one of our latest purchases: the Unbelievabra Ultimate by Shapeez.
The Unbelievabra — Postural support never looked so good

The Uubelievabra is everything that I have been telling my patients to buy for the past eighteen years and I just did not know it existed. I, in the past, suggested my female patients wear a posture bra/sports bra of their choosing... of course as any woman knows sports bras smash the breasts and are all made from none breathable nylon/spandex making them something that most of my patients would refuse to wear.

The reason I would tell my female patients, especially large breasted patients, to wear sports bras is because any bra that puts all of the weight of your breasts on a 1-2" back band puts too much stress on one maybe two of your thoracic vertebra. This situation ends up causing a lot of the much more common in women than men middle back pain. Thus the reason for me suggesting the use of sports bras in the past that is until my wife found the Unbelievabra. Wow is all I can say!! Perfect back support plus beautifully designed cups for great breast support and very pretty lace embroidery detail work, all of this and it gets rid of "back fat and muffin top" too. Finally an unbelievable bra that both women and their Doctor of Chiropractic can appreciate.

Dr. Bret R Staley
While we don't completely agree with Dr. Staley's view on sport's bras, we are thrilled to know that this new foundation garment may have benefits that even we hadn't noticed. Dr. Staley has alerted us to another way that underwear matters.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Keep Cozy and Feel Pampered All Winter Long

On Vancouver Island we experience a varied climate from crisp and sunny, to mild and wet and even cold and icy atop Mt. Washington. Luckily, whether you play in the snow, or escape the chill in front of a fire, we have winter pieces to keep you feeling cozy.

Thick and Cozy

A perennial favorite is Bedhead pajamas and we have been carrying them for years due to their comfort and universally popular designs. To the right is the Bedhead Jade Vienna design, in cotton, which has just arrived in-store.

For those looking to mix-and-match, Blush pajamas come in colourful, cotton tops and plaid, flannel bottoms, allowing you to create your own unique look.

And of course, look for new lines of robes from Diamond Tea and Bella Notte for the ultimate decadence right out of the shower, or lounging all day long.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Trasparenze, Voilà, Philippe Matignon - Stockings to Seduce

The term "stockings" refers to a garment that covers the foot and lower-leg, while pantyhose actually refers to the toes to waist garment that women commonly wear now. These terms are currently often used interchangeably. Pantyhose proper weren't introduced into the market until 1959 and became a fashion necessity in the 1960's with the popularity of the mini-skirt.

We've come a long way since hand-sown silk, and stockings are now a fashion piece in their own right.


Trasparenze is an Italian company, and while they offer a full-line of stockings, we bring in their particularly seductive pieces.On the right, is an example of a provocative Seisho design. This is one of our most seductive offerings as it appears to be an outfit of stockings, panties and a garter belt, but it actually is a one-piece pantyhose. This is sometimes known as garter hose. It is an 80-denier material, thick enough to hide any leg or thigh blemishes.

On the left is a Trasparenze JKay stay-up. It's more sheer in a 20 denier and sports red criss-crossing ribbons with a buckle at the thigh and ankle.

(Having trouble keeping track of your deniers? The larger the number, the more opaque the material. Most everyday sheer stockings are a 20 denier, but keep in mind each company's idea of a denier is different. More stocking and lingerie information can be found here.)


We have carried Voilà in our stores for years for their everyday looks as well as something a touch more daring. Below an everyday pantyhose is shown with the ever-popular Voilà fishnet stay-up.

Philippe Matignon

Searching for more coverage? No problem, we can help you there too. Philippe Matignon offers a tight that is all the way at 180 denier. No need to have cold legs on a cool Vancouver Island morning this winter.

In-store, at Secret Drawers Lingerie, we have many more designs to suit any outfit or mood because whether you like coverage to your thigh or your waist, whether you're using them to seduce or stay warm, stockings are just another type of underwear that matters.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Hanky Panky - Try a Retro Plunge or V-Kini

OK, we admit it, we are in love with our Hanky Panky. They really are the most comfortable thong in the world, but their traditional thong isn't their only offering. They create other other panty cuts as well as a range of tops.

Retro Plunge Chemise

New in-store, the Retro Plunge Chemise (seen right) has a daring plunge neckline with a flattering horizontal panel beneath its cups. The lace is Hanky Panky's retro pattern in a supportive Spandex nylon blend. Our favorite feature is the adjustable straps, creating a better fit for women of all shapes. This chemise is offered in a deep pink that verges on red.

The V-kini

A new take on Hanky Panky's traditional thong is the V-kini. This design is perfect for the woman who loves the traditional Hanky Panky lines in the front, seen left, but would like a little more coverage in the back.

Whereas the boyshort design has a cheeky higher cut on the bottom, the V-kini has full panty coverage (seen right).
This panty retains a delicate 'v' along the trim, both in the front and back, and the Spandex blend ensures it hugs your curves. We're carrying this design in white, black and nude.

We get new Hanky Panky designs throughout the year, so there is always something new to discover in our drawers. Drop by Secret Drawers Lingerie to discover your favorite.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Cachemire Chantelle Arrives

Last week Chantelle took us to Africa, this week Chantelle arrives in Pont des Arts and Cachemire.

Pont des Arts is part of Chantelle's summer collection, and we have been remiss in not mentioning it until now. The Pont des Arts (seen right) provides elegant, refined style in everyday ease. We carry it in a wide range of sizes, in the color milk. This bra is for the woman who refuses to sacrifice sensuality for comfort.

The Chantelle Cachemire is a brand new piece in their winter collection and just arrived in-store at Secret Drawers Lingerie.

The Cachemire (seen left) is offered in a milk pearl, reminiscent of pure, winter snow, and is accented with the palest of pinks. There is classic tone on tone pinstripes on the lower cup and scalloped edges on the top and straps. It has full cup coverage and is supportive, not to mention gorgeous, all the way up to an H cup.

Whether you prefer the scrolling lace details of the Cachemire or finely-detailed embroidery of the Pont des Arts, Chantelle has your personal style covered with consistent sophistication.

Chantelle has been a longstanding line in-store because it's clear to us that to Chantelle, underwear matters.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Take a Trip to Africa - Chantelle Style

Chantelle has been a longstanding favorite at Secret Drawers Lingerie, both for its beautiful fit and its exquisite style.The Chantelle Africa line is a prime example of why we love them. An exclusive appliqué with emphasis on the African sun makes each piece one of a kind. We continually order this line, season after season, due to its quality and popularity.

The Africa tops are available in several styles, like the demi-cup seen right. This impeccable design is available in a complete-appliqué full-cup as well.

And if you'd prefer a smooth cup without loosing the Africa's style, a molded cup t-shirt bra (seen left) is also available. The Africa appliqué details are added at the side and on the straps. This molded cup fits a petite figure particularly well.

Chantelle Africa Bottoms

In addition to the variety in bras, the Africa line offers multiple styles of bottoms as well. The brief (seen left) is perhaps the most conservative, with a flat front and appliqué at the hip.

A thong (not shown) is also available. It has sheer toule appliqué at the front which follows smoothly, low on the hip, to a small keyhole at the back.

The newly-popular boyshort style (seen right) has a bra-matching sun appliqué running across the front, side and back. The bottom edging is scalloped with additional petal details. It flatters with a cheeky cut on the bottom.

More Chantelle to Come

And while the Africa line is one of our standards, we have a brand new Chantelle line being brought in for the winter 2010 season. Watch this space next week, for details.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Unbelievabra - Believe It

Body shapers have hit the lingerie world by storm coming in all shapes and sizes. We carry Sveltesse, a wonderful line of body shapers, designed as a fully supportive undergarment going from the lower thigh to just below the breasts. A Sveltesse is typically used on special occasions due to the amount of shaping and support it offers, but for everyday wear, we have brought in a new option: the Unbelievabra.

The Unbelievabra Ultimate by Shapeez has been getting attention from everyone from Oprah and InStyle to the Today Show. People just don't run out of great things to say about it. New Beauty magazine calls it a "Stomach Slimmer" while Oprah raves about how it vanishes back fat.

The Unbelievabra combines a bra and a body shaper all-in-one. This product shapes breasts naturally, offers the fit and support of an underwire bra, while slimming the torso at the same time. It's medium-control is perfect for underneath anything from your favorite t-shirt to the silk blouse you sport at the office.

The Unbelievabra's Smooth Back design removes all visible lines and banishes the dreaded back fat bulges while ensuring the straps don't slip down your shoulders. Its extra-long length allows you to tuck it into even low-rise fashion, helping to avoid that "muffin top" look.

The Unbelievabra Ultimate by Shapeez is made from cool-tex lycra, designed to wick moisture away from the body. It's beautiful on the body, with details like lace at the breast bone, and feels silky against the skin. The Unbelievabra is available in cup sizes A through G, ensuring that every woman get a proper fit.

We love that the Unbelievabra offers a smooth look under any outfit and is comfortable enough everyday. We think you'll find that a versatile, slimming piece like this proves how much underwear matters.

Images provided by Shapeez.