Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Prima Donna Wonderland

Planning for the Spring? Need the perfect uplifting bra for under your new, spring frock? We have what you need: the Prima Donna Wonderland.

This bra isn't just an average foundation piece, the Prima Donna Wonderland is a stunning showpiece that can be your secret, or on display for the other in your life. It's a piece that says that you're here and you're not afraid to celebrate your femininity.

The Prima Donna Wonderland has a double-spaghetti strap and is finished with playful bows. The stunning embroidery is continued on the back. It's specifically designed with the larger bosom in mind and is available in sizes 36 - 40, cups D - F. We are also carrying matching briefs and g-string bottoms.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Princess Tam Tam - Upscale Leisure

The simple, casual lines of Princess Tam Tam are out to replace that favorite, worn-in t-shirt you wear to bed. Princess Tam Tam calls it Homewear and we think it will fit right in any home.

The Latte, seen right, is in a classic styling scoop-neck with sophisticated back strap crossover detailing. There is a tiny medal mid-back to set off the design. Delicate lines skim the female frame.
The Jolie, left, is light and soft and styled especially for the warmer weather of the summer (or, if you should be so lucky, the winter vacation). A unique detail of a tiny pocket with a Princess Tam Tam jewel sits on the upper left.

The Princess Tam Tam Jolie is a short nightgown available in blue and red, sizes extra small - large. You'll find the comfort of its cotton impeccable.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What Does a High-Quality Bra Buy You?

Have you ever wondered why some bras cost $24.99 and some cost $99.99? It's not just because one is imported from France while other other is not, it's because of the quality. It's because of the design and features found in a $100 bra that will make you look like a million bucks.

Five Reasons to Buy a High-Quality Bra
  1. Superior fabric - microfibre bras look great and stand up to the stresses of washing and everyday wear. Not to mention microfibres breathe and wick moisture away from the body.
  2. Comfortable underwires - underwires are made of high-quality metal and then are often nylon-wrapped and encased in three layers of foam, keeping them from digging or poking.
  3. Better-quality adjusters - strap adjusters are often welded rather than stitched making them less bulky and noticeable under clothing.
  4. Better-engineered fit - fabrics are engineered to stretch or stay to provide perfect shape and lift.
  5. Exquisite designs - the look and feel of a high-quality bra is head and shoulders above anything seen in an average bra. Each bra can take hours of handcrafted time to create the work of art you see.
In all, a high-quality bra will make you look better both in and out of your clothes and even make you look like you've lost weight. Make sure and ask for a complimentary fitting to make sure that high-quality bra is the best choice for you.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Young Scottish Queen

New this week, youthful and exuberant, the Scottish Queen by Huit 8.

Huit takes the body as a background, using it as the ultimate medium of expression . . . combines comfort, creativity and modernity.

The Scottish Queen by Huit 8 is in a Jacquard multi-colour fabric with mesh tulle on the back of the bra for added comfort. Huit 8 includes unexpected design details like tiny buttons at the breastbone and hip.

We're carrying the matching thong to complete this fun, unique look.

Monday, February 13, 2012

New Nanso - Simply Versatile

Nanso has been in business as a fabric dye company since 1921 which explains why their colour-blocked prints are so fashionable. Nanso pieces can take you from the beach to the bedroom and everywhere in between.

We carry several Nanso designs including the one seen right. Nanso is unique in that it is made with 49% cotton, 49% modal and 2% elasticine. Modal is a type of wood and yet these fabrics feel soft and luxurious.

Woman love Nanso designs because they're so easy to wear and care for and they're perfect for travel. A rinse in the sink and hung to dry, this dress looks as good, and wrinkle-free, as the day you took it home.

Come in and try on the simply chic wear from Nanso. You'll love how it looks and how it feels.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Forever New

Secret Drawers Lingerie has been selling Forever New for years. Forever New is a premier product for lingerie care.

However, Forever New is now available in a liquid as well as a powder form. This makes it even easier for you to use Forever New to wash your delicates, or even all your clothes. Forever New is perfect for either hand-washing or machine-washing.

Forever New Washing Tips
  • Wash your undergarments every time you wear them so that body oils don't build up and degrade the fabric
  • Use the Forever New liquid to presoak a stain before washing it
  • Wash in cool water, preferably by hand
  • Wash light and dark colours separately
  • Always air-dry delicates
See more on lingerie care here.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Hanky Panky Colour and Print

Some of our clients will use any excuse for a new pair of Hanky Panky - and we have one for you - Valentine's Day! To the right you can see our new 3-pack in just for the holiday. It includes three pairs of either low-rise or original Hanky Panky thongs with a slight discount over buying them individually. It includes colours hot fuchsia, petunia pink and tuberose.

Or, if prints are more your thing, take a look at the new Valentine's Day holiday print: the Hanky Panky Cherry Heart. This all-over printed thong is available in both regular and low-rise styles and as always, the Hanky Panky thong shows no panty line.

Finally, if you prefer something with a little more coverage we are now carrying the Hanky Panky retro thong in the colour bliss pink - the palest of pinks. The Hanky Panky retro thong provides a little extra coverage where you need it and absolutely none where you don't. The retro thong is available in regular and plus sizes in both pink and black.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Spanx - The Red Carpet Secret

Spanx. It's the secret to the red carpet. If every star who was wearing Spanx had to put their hand up it would look like an audience listening to a power ballad at a rock concert.

But they don't have to put their hand up, and if no one ever admitted to it, you would never know - that's the secret of shapewear; it gives you shape, definition and smoothing all in one neat, invisible package.

We carry several lines of shapewear and Spanx is our latest addition. As you can see to the right, this Spanx shaper tames your body from your chest to your thigh providing the long, lean lines that dresses deserve. This is designed with all sizes in mind as it allows for a proper-fitting bra on top instead of simply mashing the breast tissue with spandex.

We are also carrying a strappy cami by Spanx. Both pieces are available in nude and in sizes B, C, D and E.