Monday, January 31, 2011

Looking for Spring? Try a Garden Party by Prima Donna

We admit, spring isn't here just yet, but that doesn't mean we can't have a Prima Donna set of underwear to get us into a warm weather state of mind.

This week brings the arrival of Garden Party by Prima Donna. This trendy, peacock blue piece has a very subtle tone-on-tone floral pattern over the molded cup and a large, decorative ring where the cup meets the strap for a distinctive look.

The Prima Donna Twist line designs with a larger breast in mind and we're carrying this design in 30 F to 42 E sizing with underwear to match.

We can't recommend wearing only your underwear to a garden party, but it's possible that with new lingerie you might get invited to more of them. Don't say we didn't warn you that underwear matters.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chantelle Hedona - Seamlessly Beautiful

Chantelle is one of our best selling lines thanks to figure friendly designs and a wide variety of available sizing. We welcome the Chantelle Hedona to our collection for just those reasons.

The Chantelle Hedona has a feature many women are looking for in a bra: a molded, seamless cup. This is a t-shirt friendly bra because you won't see the tell-tale bumps of lace or embroidery when you wear it under even the thinnest of tops.

We carry this piece in nude. Try it on and see it virtually disappears under even sheer fabrics. The Hedona is Chantelle's best selling design and with its versatility we can see why. When you need a go-to bra for everyday wear, the Chantelle Hedona is underwear that matters.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Arrival - Prima Donna - Kolyma

Here's a peak of a new piece that we think will throw your mind forward instantly into Spring. The Prima Donna Kolyma is an explosion of colour and embroidery.

The Prima Donna Kolyma has arrived at Secret Drawers Lingerie this week and it's available in lapis blue. This piece is designed for the larger bust from 38 D to 44 H cups and we are also carrying the matching brief.This piece is going to look great under flowing Spring outfits.

Love the design so much you want to show everyone? Try the camisole dress in sizes medium to xxlarge.

Monday, January 17, 2011

How to Find the Right Bra Style for You

At Secret Drawers Lingerie we pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of fine lingerie, but just because a bra is gorgeous doesn't mean it's the right one for you. Here's how to find the right bra style for you.

1. What is the bra for?

Different bras serve different purposes. For example, an exercise bra is designed to restrict movement in all directions so while you bounce your breasts don't. The Champion Powerback sports bra, seen right, is great for exercise.
  • Always wear a bra built for exercise when exercising or you can damage soft breast tissue with the excess movement.
  • Make sure to try different moves in the change room. For example, make sure to bend over to make sure your breasts stay in the cups and the straps don't slip.

2. What size are your breasts?

We will fit you in something beautiful but some styles are better suited to specific breast sizes.

Typically women with a larger breast will require more overall coverage in the cup than women who are smaller. This will give more support. Other things to consider with large breasts include: the number of hooks on the back (more hooks equal more support) and extra comfy straps for the extra weight. The Elixir Cassiopée (seen left) provides full cup support.

For smaller breasts, consider whether you would like a little extra padding or if you would like to wear inserts. Make sure to bring any bra inserts with you. A demi-cup in the Chantelle Africa line, seen right, can provide uplift to a smaller breast.
  • Consider a fuller cup for larger breasts.
  • A push-up bra is generally a demi-cup (half cup) and creates cleavage by pushing breasts towards the middle as seen in the Empreinte Melody, bottom right. Push-up bras are available in many sizes.
  • Some bras come with enhancing inserts built-in.

3. What are you wearing over the bra?

Some women prefer to have a seamless, smooth look when they wear a bra under thin fabric like a t-shirt. Also, some women with piercings like to make sure the jewelry doesn't show through their bra. A bra with a molded cup is often the first choice in these scenarios.
  • A molded cup may provide a small amount of padding.
  • A molded cup is generally a full-cup bra to provide a seamless look over the entire breast, like seen left in the Chantelle Africa line.
  • For lace bras, try a shirt on over the bra to see how it looks and where any seams may lay.
  • If you're buying a bra for a special occasion, make sure to bring your outfit with you.
  • Consider the neckline of your clothing, a full cup may show in v-cut shirts.
  • Wear a nude-coloured bra if you don't want the bra showing under light clothes.
  • Wear a dark bra under dark clothes to avoid discolouration.
Get the Right Bra

Remember, a bra is like a pair of jeans: it can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. Choose wisely and make sure the bra fits to get the shape and support your desire. (Lejaby Envie de Cotton seen left.)

Picking the right bra shows just how much underwear matters.

    Thursday, January 13, 2011

    I Have a Yummy Tummy

    Secret Drawers Lingerie carries a variety of body shapers from the Unbelievabra, known for smoothing the dreaded back fat, to the Sveltesse line, for ultimate support targeting multiple parts of the body. Now we're pleased to offer a line of body shapers so comfortable they qualify for everyday wear.

    New to Secret Drawers Lingerie is the Yummy Tummy Original Tank.

    This body shaper sets itself apart from the pack by being a tank that smooths and slims your middle while allowing your busom freedom of movement - even allowing for a bra underneath, if desired.

    The Yummie Tummie Original Tank becomes an essential layering piece while adding style to your wardrobe.Our favorite way to wear it is under a sheer blouse where we need just a little extra shaping and coverage. And we appreciate that the tank is long enough to tuck into pants, preventing the dreaded fabric roll-up midday.

    We admit to wearing body shapers, sure, but that doesn't mean we don't still want comfort everyday.

    Monday, January 10, 2011

    Lingerie and Underwear as Economic Indicators

    Economic indicators aren't in the forefront of our minds as we think about upcoming spring lingerie lines, but the idea of lingerie as an economic indicator piqued our interest.

    Men's Underwear in 2009

    According to former Federal Reserve chief Alan Greenspan, men's underwear are a good predictor of the economy. Greenspan suggests this is because no one sees men's underwear (save themselves and their wives, who apparently Greenspan doesn't count) and so underwear are one of the first things men stop buying when times get tough.

    Women's Lingerie in 2010

    Smart Spend on MSN Money reported that the key indicator this year was the push-up bra. An analyst explains,
    Strong sales of lingerie would also suggest that shoppers are willing to indulge. That would be a change from last year when they stuck to basics.
    Another analyst noted a messy table in a lingerie store is probably a good sign.

    Well, at Secret Drawers Lingerie, we can't promise messy tables, but we can provide fine lingerie, women and men's underwear, nighties, silks, pjs and other items to prove that the economy is on the way up in Courtenay and in North America. It seems that even to the economy, underwear matters.

    (Photo Provided by: The Lingerie Addict.)

    Friday, January 7, 2011

    Secret Drawers Lingerie Top 10 - part 2

    Last time, we revealed numbers 10 through 6 of our 2010 top lingerie, lounge and underwear picks. Today we'll reveal our absolute top 5 lingerie items in our drawers from 2010.

    5.  Daring Fashion Hosiery By Trasparenze - These are not your average leg wear. These are the kind of pantyhose and stockings you wear when you want to make a serious statement entering a room.

    We can't help but love Trasparenze's thigh-high stay-ups and pantyhose that masquerade as a garter belt with stockings. When we're feeling extra sassy, these are the pieces to which we turn.

    4.  The Elixir Cassiopée by Lejaby - This piece has to make our list simply due to its beautiful, high-fashion look. The Elixir Cassiopée by Lejaby reminds us that sometimes basic black or a neutral just isn't enough for a lingerie drawer.

    We also love that the Elixir line produces the Cassiopée up to an H cup. The larger bosom needs these type of gorgeous options.

    3.  New Cuts of Hanky Panky Underwear - We have said again and again that we love our Hanky Panky thongs and that they are the most comfortable thong in the world. However, some of our clients simply prefer a little more coverage. It's OK, we understand. That's why making our list are the Signature Lace Bikini, boyshort and V-kini underwear designs by Hanky Panky.

    2.  Naked Underwear for Men - We couldn't complete a top-ten list without including an option for our male clientele.We love The Naked underwear's seamless, fitted underwear with no constricting waistline. It's made of a superior Italian micro fiber that will make your man say goodbye to cotton for good. Frankly, these underwear make us and our men equally happy.

    1.  Diamond Tea and Bella Notte Robes - We admit, we couldn't decide between Diamond Tea and Bella Notte, two lines of superior robes. On the one hand, the Diamond Tea robes are made in Canada and have options to wrap, zip, shimmer and stretch. On the other hand, Bella Notte robes are a celebratory satin with a unique design of a button and elastic at the waistline.

    They are both so impressive and indulgent the only thing we could do is put these robes at a tie for the number one spot.

    Disagree with us? Do you think there's a must-have item that we missed? Let us know. We're always open to hearing your thoughts.

    Wednesday, January 5, 2011

    Secret Drawers Lingerie Top 10

    As this is the new year we thought we'd take a look back at some of our favorite lingerie, loungewear and, of course, underwear items from 2010. Today we'll reveal numbers 10 - 6.

    10.  Bedhead Pajamas - These are a top-of-the-line pajama that wash and wear beautifully a are a long-time favorite of ours. They are a finer cotton flannel than is normally found in pajamas.

    Many were snapped up for Christmas, but if you weren't lucky to find a pair under your tree, stop by and try on a pair.

    9.  The Empreinte Lingerie line - The Empreinte line keeps coming out with superior bras and matching underwear that make a full-figured woman look her very best. We wear it and we love it.

    8.  The Unbelievabra - The Unbelievabra Ultimate by Shapeez is a unique foundation garment that is known for both slimming the torso and also removing bulges on the back with it's slimmer and bra built-in-one. And we absolutely had to have it on our list as even a chiropractor loves its benefits of reducing back pain.

    7.  Plus-Size Camisoles by Hanky Panky - At Secret Drawers Lingerie we embrace any company that does justice to a plus-size figure, so we were excited to see the expected Hanky Panky style and quality available in plus size camisoles. In granite, white and black they go with almost any outfit.

    6.  Fashion 78 from the Felina Conturelle Dessous line - OK, we admit, that's a mouthful, but the sophisticated beauty of this piece makes it worth it. The Fashion 78 from Felina does look extraordinary on the hanger, but the reason it makes our top 10 list is because of the superior way it compliments a woman's body all the way up to an H cup.

    Next time find out our absolute favorite top 5 items of the year. The best underwear that matters is yet to come...