Monday, March 26, 2012

Lisa's Folly Luxe Babydoll Set: Leticia

Also new from Kenan is this Lisa's Folly Luxe babydoll set: the Leticia. The Leticia has a split, ruffled top that gentle opens to reveal just a slip of skin as you move.

This Lisa's Folly Luxe babydoll provides some bust support with soft built-in cups. The horizontal band of lace on the chest keeps the garment snug against you while the lower silk is allowed to flutter.

And, of course, you'll find the quality of silk for which Kenan is known. Find it in-store and see what a difference quality silk makes.

Friday, March 23, 2012

New Babydoll Set by Kenan

New Lisa's Folly Luxe by Kenan in this week. This babydoll set creates a mood of ease and elegance for the wearer. It's a body-skimming chemise matched with tap pants (similar to shorts) tied at the sides.

In peach and violet, this delicate print is a combination of flowers and animal print. A draped neckline adorns this stretch silk georgette piece by Lisa's Folly Luxe.

Monday, March 19, 2012

New Looks from Voilà! - Fishnets and Backseam

Voilà! is a long-time maker of fine hosiery. Designed in Canada and made in Italy, a new pair of Voilà! can update your look in a snap.

And we don't just stick to plain pantyhose with Voilà! No, we venture into the special and seductive territory that Voilà! does so well. To the right you'll see an example of this in the Voilà! fishnet stayups. These stockings feature a double-wide silicone band with lace to keep the fishnets from slipping during the day - no garter belt required.

But some people want the va va voom without the feature of a stayup. For these people Voilà! makes pantyhose with backseaming. Trendy and retro, the look of these pantyhose are sophisticated, yet sexy.

Try the fishnet with a longer boot and the backseamed design with a short bootie for a truly fashionable look. (Click on the image for a more detailed view.)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

New, Light Diamond Tea Robes

Since Secret Drawers Lingerie opened, we have been carrying robes and over the years we have carried several lines. The line of robes we get asked about most though, is the Diamond Tea.

Diamond Tea robes seem to have been around forever and people are just getting around to replacing their first one because they last so long. And new in, we have Diamond Tea robes in a light seersucker fabric (see right) for summer. These are 100% cotton which is excellent for breathability.

We love Diamond Tea robes because they are timeless and Canadian-made. Diamond Teas are one design of robe that will be a staple in your closet for years to come. And these summer designs are perfectly packable and travel well.

We have both the traditional wrap and front-zip designs of these Diamond Tea robes in lavender and light green so come in and find out which style works for you.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Why Band-Extenders Don't Work

With a bra, fit is key. With a good fit you get lift and support and look more sleek and youthful. With bad fit you can look older, heavier and bumpy. And this fit is critical for everyone no matter their age or breast type. Everyone needs a good fit to look their best.

And while they may seem conveniet, bra extenders do not help with fit. Some women think that if their band is digging into them, or their breasts are spilling out of the cup, a band extender will solve the problem, but it just isn't so.

Illustration by Chantelle
The thing about a bra is that it is a magnificant example of engineering. Every line, every seam, every piece of metal and plastic are all specifically designed to fit a specific shape and size. And by altering the proportions of one component of a bra, all the other components are thrown off too. They cannot compensate for a band being bigger than it should.

More often than not, all a band extender does is make the bra "float" on your breasts and this leaves you without support, lift and shape as the center of the bra no longer rests on your breastbone.

If your bra is tight on you because you've changed shape over time, remember, it's not necessarily the band that needs to change, it might be the cup and in most cases it is both. Only when getting into a new size can these changes be achieved.

So if you're uncomfortable and your bra is digging into you, we encourage you to engage us in a complimentary fitting. We always work hard to find the best fit for you.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Un:Usual - Hot and Wild

Un:usual is a new line of lingerie for us but it fits right in with our other lines thanks to its good looks. Un:usual is über fashionable and perfect for anyone searching for a young, fresh, fun look.

On the right is what Un:usual calls the Hot Contour Bra. It's an all-over print of fiery, chili red flowers atop striking black on a molded cup. The straps are satin-lined and we are also carrying the matching patterned briefs. Find this design in sizes 32 - 38 cups C - E.  

On the left is the Un:usual Wild Contour Bra. It's an animal print in black on a blue demin background. Woven lace is seen on the lower back and on the bottoms.

We're carring this design in both a molded cup and a stretch cup in sizes 32 - 42 cups C - E. The Wild design also has a matching thong and brief available.

Both of these bras are an excellent choice under thin or tight fabrics as they're seamless.

Friday, March 2, 2012

New Princesse Tam Tam - Thelma

Princesse Tam Tam is known for creating the most esquisite looks for women with a smaller bust size and the Princesse Tam Tam Thelma is no exception. In two styles, the Thelma flatters a variety of silhouettes.

The Princesse Tam Tam Thelma represents what many would call a "must-have" of the season. It layers lace and silk crepe in a veil over the body. It hides just enough to be alluring and yet creates a beautiful pattern on the skin.

We are carrying two version of the Thelma - one with a mini-wire and one with a full underwire. The image on the right is of the mini-wire it improves on a wireless look by including boning just on the outer cup to ensure your breast stays where it should in the garment.

The Thelma by Princesse Tam Tam is also available in the full underwire version, seen left. We are also carrying the tanga bottoms which look like a traditional brief in the front but with a delicate side strap leading to a thong in the back.

Try on the Thelma and find out what feeling like a Princesse is all about.