Monday, June 27, 2011

How to Prevent a Wardrobe Malfunction

We live in a fashion age where a wardrobe malfunction can make us the most memorable person in a room. And while for most people this won't involve Superbowl crowds, it might include a blouse with a little too much peek-a-boo for the boardroom.

What most women don't know is there is a secret to keeping every stitch in its perfect place - Body Tape.

Hollywood has been using Body Tape for many years. There's a reason why no strap slips or neckline gapes on the red carpet - they're taped down.

Body Tape is a Canadian made product designed to keep fabric in place. Body Tape is double-sided, hypoallergenic, medical-grade adhesive that can stick fabric-to-fabric or fabric-to-skin.

How to Use Body Tape

There are a myriad uses for Body Tape, but here are a few of our favorites.
  1. Prevent gaping on button-up blouses.
  2. Use as an instant fix for a fallen hem.
  3. Hide bra straps.
  4. Keep off-the-shoulder necklines in place.
  5. Secure wrap dresses.
Pop into Secret Drawers Lingerie to get yours. It's the perfect fashion first-aid kit to keep in your purse.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

How Do I Wear a Strapless, Backless Dress?

Some dresses, especially wedding dresses, can be challenging to find undergarments for. We all want a perfect shape without looking like anything is helping us achieve that perfect shape. It's a tall order.

What we normally recommend is a body-shaping garment like our Sveltesse line and a well-fitting bra, strapless, if needed. However, a strapless bra's band sits higher than the average bra, and with a backless dress, this simply won't do.

To get support for the bosom and still allow for a backless gown, a bustier can work. A bustier uses the boning and structure down its length to support the breasts, rather than from straps above.

Secret Drawers Lingerie carries two bustier designs for your needs. To the right is the classic Piege bustier. This gives a seamless look with a hidden underwire and a smooth front.

To the left is a Va Bien design. The Va Bien is highly-detailed with a deep-plunging, sweetheart neckline and a very low back. The garters are removable and it has an adjustable hook-and-eye closure.

Both of these pieces are lovely, but keep in mind, the bust isn't as supported as it would be in a bra, and a bustier can be a less-comfortable option. If you are looking for undergarments for a special occasion, make sure you bring the dress with you to make sure the lines all work together.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bravado - Breastfeeding Just Got Better

Spring, soon to be summer, brings many new clients into Secret Drawers Lingerie - specifically ones under the age of twelve months. OK, generally they bring along a mom too.

These moms are often looking for one thing: easier breastfeeding.

Because Vashti and I are moms ourselves, we appreciate nursing garments that are usable, comfortable and even fashionable. That's why we carry Bravado Designs.

Bravado is known for two reasons: design and comfort. The design of their nursing bras and tanks make them easy-to-use while being comfortable and fashionable. Just ask Angelina Jolie or Sarah Jessica Parker - both of whom have been spotted in Bravado Designs. Moms are pleasantly surprised to find Bravado in downtown Courtenay at Secret Drawers Lingerie.

We carry the seamless Body Silk and Bliss nursing bras. The Body Silk molds to the body and has removable foam inserts, while the Bliss (seen above) features molded cups - perfect under a t-shirt.

Secret Drawers Lingerie also carries the Essential Nursing Tank (seen left) which features a full, built-in bra and comes in colors like dark plum and jade.

We're proud to offer this line because at Secret Drawers Lingerie we understand, especially for new moms, underwear matters.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

How to Save Yourself from the Dangers in Your Underwear Drawer

As I mentioned yesterday, the washing machine is a scary place for underwear. All the heat, caustic chemicals, agitation and spinning can cause some major wardrobe malfunctions. But luckily, safety is at hand.

Hand-Washing Delicates

I know, I know, many people won’t hand-wash lingerie no matter what. But just consider for a moment how much those underthings cost you. Now, if a bone worked its way out of that bra, it would be worthless. And if that bone wrapped around your washing machine’s motor, your washing machine, too, would be worthless. Hand-washing is really a household investment.

Hand-washing is simple. Just throw your delicates into some lukewarm water. Add some delicate detergent. Then go have a cup of coffee, or relax with some tea. Come back to agitate the delicates a little, rinse and you’re done. Having coffee is the longest part of the process. (Details on hand-washing here.)

Machine-Washing Delicates

But if you’re in a hurry and can’t even spare time for coffee, there is still a simple solution: a lingerie bag. A lingerie bag is just a mesh bag, normally with a zipper, into which you put your underthings. Then you throw the whole bag into the wash. That’s it! No bone is sucked out of a bra and your Hanky Panky aren’t stretched and tied into knots. (You still can’t put them in the dryer. Sorry. We can’t fix everything.)

Ask For Your Lingerie Bag In-Store

And because we care about our clients and want to save you from the aforementioned dangers, we’re happy to provide you with a lingerie bag with purchase. Simply ask for your bag while paying and you can save yourself some possibly pricey headaches.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dangers Lurking In Your Underwear Drawer

It’s true, there aren’t just pretty underthings in silk, lace and satin lying snugly between cedar planks; there is a sinister force at work. One that could cost you hundreds of dollars.

At Secret Drawers Lingerie we always tell people to hand wash their underwear, bras, garters and fine silks and lace. This is because the spandex contained within those items breaks down more quickly under the strain of machine washing, the strong chemical detergents and in the heat of the dryer.

But the fact is, some people just don’t follow our advice. Many people throw their lingerie in with their socks and shirts and many times the lingerie comes out just fine.

Other times, it costs you hundreds of dollars.

What people don’t realize is the mechanisms in modern washing machines are extremely strong. These mechanisms can pull the bones, the stiff wire beneath each cup, right out of the bra. The machines can also grab and bunch and twist your lacy thong into an unrecognizable, inhuman shape.

But to add insult to injury, both thongs and bra boning can make its way to the motor of the washing machine. The boning or thong gets wrapped around the motor and hampers the spinning until the motor is burned out completely. This can mean a big repair bill or an even heftier replacement bill.

But don’t worry. You don’t have to fall victim to the dangers in your washer.

Next time we will outline two ways to save yourself from your underwear.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Is a Bra Right for You? - The T-Shirt Bra

At Secret Drawers Lingerie we work hard to bring in the latest fashion styles and shades as well as traditional designs and colours to cover all your lingerie needs. And sometimes clients fall in love with a particular piece at first sight, but that doesn't always mean it's the the right bra for them.

The T-Shirt Bra

Recently, t-shirt bras have become very popular. T-shirt bras are typically seamless with a molded cup to create a smooth line across the breast so no seam shows through a thin shirt. These bras are not padded, per se, but their cup is molded into what the maker feels is the perfect breast shape.

The Good and the Bad About the T-Shirt Bra

That is both the good and the bad news. The good thing about a molded cup is the seamless look with enhanced curves; the unfortunate thing is it's harder to get a universal fit. That molded "perfect breast" doesn't necessarily suit every body type. A poorly-fitting cup can pucker and show bulges or dents in a silhouette.

Additionally, many of these bras are a demi-cup, which means there isn't full coverage of the breast. This design provides enhanced cleavage, but for some women this may make it more likely they will fall through the middle of the bra, which isn't really a good look for anyone.

The Good News

The good news is we have several t-shirt bras to choose from, and of course, many others as well. To look your best, the important thing to remember is a superb fit, even if it isn't perfectly seamless under your summer tank top. (See more lingerie tips here.)

Seen right: Pure, by Chantelle; left: Coup de Foudre by Prima Donna.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

TODAY - Feature Burger at the Mad Chef Cafe

If you're crazy about great food, the Mad Chef Cafe will make you absolutely insane!

Today, the Mad Chef has created a feature burger for Secret Drawers Lingerie. The Mad Chef has created a salmon burger with a twist. Join the Mad Chef for lunch to find out what kind of twist he has come up with.

The Mad Chef Cafe is less than one block away from Secret Drawers Lingerie. We hope to see you there for lunch.

Monday, June 6, 2011

New Hanky Panky - Bold and Bright

Many women look forward to picking up a new pair of undies to celebrate the changing seasons. Hanky Panky, of course, is the perfect way to do this because we bring fresh, fashionable Hanky Panky into Secret Drawers Lingerie throughout the year. This summer is no exception.

New in-store are striking Hanky Panky colours: electric purple, limeade, tiger lily, seabreeze and chai. You'll find these new shades in both thong and boyshort cut underwear.

Electric purple is seen to the upper-right, and I would say it's appropriately named and radiates a jeweled tone. Check out the tiger lily for an equally accented coral colour.

To the left are the boyshort cut underwear in chai. These are the essential pair of underwear for under your white, summer pants. Hanky Panky won't dig in, so you won't see any unfortunate bulges. And the chai in a thong even removes all hint of a panty line.

The thong in seabreeze is seen right. Rather than the electricity of the purple or the concealment of the chai, this more subdued shade is calming without sacrificing vibrancy.

Come see us to view them all. Because with Hanky Panky, underwear matters.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Wacoal Bodysuede - Discontinuing Black

Wacoal has been a staple at Secret Drawers Lingerie for 14 years. In fact, the Wacoal Bodysuede design specifically has been one of our, and your, favorites for over a decade.

The Bodysuede is a full-figure-friendly bra that's comfortable enough to make it a superstar. It contains hidden features to keep the curvaceous shape of a full bosom while still offering plenty of support, and extra-padded straps to avoid shoulder discomfort.

Unfortunately, we have some bad news, Wacoal is no longer offering it in black.

Is This Your Favorite Bra?

If this is your favorite bra and you need it in black, we do have a few black Bodysuedes left. We recommend you drop by or give us a call to see if we've got your size.

Because darn it, the color of underwear matters too.