Friday, September 9, 2011

New Line - Huit 8

Secret Drawers Lingerie is pleased to announce we are carrying a new line: Huit 8.

Huit 8 offers exceptional style that flatters a woman's form with a modern look.

This first piece is called Mrs. Wang. We are carrying the full cup bra and matching briefs in opium - a deep red-tinted orange.

This piece is made from a fine mesh with overlaid satin. It's considered an everyday look but with a graphic, contemporary appeal.

Look from more from Huit 8 in the weeks to follow. We'll leave the last word to Huit 8 and their design philosophy:
"The body as a background, an ultimate medium of expression for lingerie . . . that combines comfort, creativity and modernity . . . Avant-garde by nature, Huit creates, flaunts and cultivates its difference."

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