Thursday, June 23, 2011

How Do I Wear a Strapless, Backless Dress?

Some dresses, especially wedding dresses, can be challenging to find undergarments for. We all want a perfect shape without looking like anything is helping us achieve that perfect shape. It's a tall order.

What we normally recommend is a body-shaping garment like our Sveltesse line and a well-fitting bra, strapless, if needed. However, a strapless bra's band sits higher than the average bra, and with a backless dress, this simply won't do.

To get support for the bosom and still allow for a backless gown, a bustier can work. A bustier uses the boning and structure down its length to support the breasts, rather than from straps above.

Secret Drawers Lingerie carries two bustier designs for your needs. To the right is the classic Piege bustier. This gives a seamless look with a hidden underwire and a smooth front.

To the left is a Va Bien design. The Va Bien is highly-detailed with a deep-plunging, sweetheart neckline and a very low back. The garters are removable and it has an adjustable hook-and-eye closure.

Both of these pieces are lovely, but keep in mind, the bust isn't as supported as it would be in a bra, and a bustier can be a less-comfortable option. If you are looking for undergarments for a special occasion, make sure you bring the dress with you to make sure the lines all work together.

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