Thursday, June 16, 2011

How to Save Yourself from the Dangers in Your Underwear Drawer

As I mentioned yesterday, the washing machine is a scary place for underwear. All the heat, caustic chemicals, agitation and spinning can cause some major wardrobe malfunctions. But luckily, safety is at hand.

Hand-Washing Delicates

I know, I know, many people won’t hand-wash lingerie no matter what. But just consider for a moment how much those underthings cost you. Now, if a bone worked its way out of that bra, it would be worthless. And if that bone wrapped around your washing machine’s motor, your washing machine, too, would be worthless. Hand-washing is really a household investment.

Hand-washing is simple. Just throw your delicates into some lukewarm water. Add some delicate detergent. Then go have a cup of coffee, or relax with some tea. Come back to agitate the delicates a little, rinse and you’re done. Having coffee is the longest part of the process. (Details on hand-washing here.)

Machine-Washing Delicates

But if you’re in a hurry and can’t even spare time for coffee, there is still a simple solution: a lingerie bag. A lingerie bag is just a mesh bag, normally with a zipper, into which you put your underthings. Then you throw the whole bag into the wash. That’s it! No bone is sucked out of a bra and your Hanky Panky aren’t stretched and tied into knots. (You still can’t put them in the dryer. Sorry. We can’t fix everything.)

Ask For Your Lingerie Bag In-Store

And because we care about our clients and want to save you from the aforementioned dangers, we’re happy to provide you with a lingerie bag with purchase. Simply ask for your bag while paying and you can save yourself some possibly pricey headaches.


  1. I'm bad and have been putting my Hanky Panky undies in the dryer for 2 yrs... still seem to be in great shape :)

  2. Hi Mikhaila,

    Wow, we're impressed with your success and also are aware that stretchy lace breaks down with heat so this is why we offer our advice for care of your undies. However, your longevity with Hanky Panky speaks to this superior product.

    Thanks for your comment and keep spreading the word....we know Hanky Panky is the best.


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