Monday, May 24, 2010

How to Care for Your Lingerie

After discussing the beauty and romance of white underthings, we thought it would be a great time to share our tips on keeping your luxurious lingerie looking it's best.

1. Save your white lingerie for wear under light-colored clothing. If you wear it under dark-colored clothes, those dark colors can rub off making your whites less than pristine.

2. Always wash your whites with other light colors. Dye can come off in the wash, making your whites look dingy.

3. Always hand-wash your lingerie in lukewarm water. You've invested in your beauty and comfort and hand-washing your underthings every two-to-three wearings will keep them looking their best and prolong their life. It also helps keep stretch fabrics fitting you well, and not becoming stretched out.

4. Our favorite detergent is Forever New. You can pick this up at Secret Drawers Lingerie or order it online, if you can't drop by in person. This product is great because it has been designed to be delicate and will not harm the exquisite fabrics found in our lingerie. It also has a lovely scent. If you find yourself without this product, a gentle shampoo can be used in a pinch.

5. If you've found your lingerie stained or discolored, dissolve some detergent in the sink, and let your items soak overnight. Especially with Forever New, it's amazing what will come out using this method.

6. Rinse out lingerie well; leaving soap in your lingerie can harm fabric. Roll your lingerie up in a towel to remove excess water. Don't twist or wring out the garments. Then lay flat to dry.

7. If you must use a washing machine, a front-loading model is more gentle than a top-loading one. Always put items into a mesh bag, and of course, use the gentle cycle.

8. Never - ever - put lingerie in the dryer! It is the sin among sins in the lingerie world.

If you follow these tips your luxurious garments are here to stay, which is important, because underwear matters.

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  1. Oh! Gosh I have absolutely been doing everything wrong! No wonder my undies have seen better days...who knew you couldn't put them in the dryer!Thanks so much for the tips. Cate


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