Sunday, October 3, 2010

Felina - Passionate Fashion

Felina is a German lingerie company with over 120 years of experience. While it began simply as a corset factory, in 1922 the name Felina was chosen as it was derived from a cotton jersey brassière (later known as a bra), which had become amazingly successful. This new popular undergarment became the concept behind the whole company as it provided practicality and beauty in one package.

Above is the Passion, a part of the Felina Dessous line. We are carrying this finely-detailed line in both ivory and chestnut. One of the most noticeable touches is the intricately-embroidered leaf edging along the upper-cup and the straps. This creates a unique look setting it apart from the standard straight lines seen elsewhere.

Our second look is Fashion 78 from the Felina Conturelle Dessous line. This look is perhaps a little more daring with a pattern reminiscent of an animal print on the lower part of the cups.

Both bras are an excellent choice for the larger-bosommed woman and are available up to an H cup. Whether you prefer delicate or daring, there is a sophisticated Felina line to suite you.


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