Thursday, July 1, 2010

What is Better Than Cotton for Breathability?

When people think of silk they often think of shiny, restrictive, stretch-free fabrics, but with Kim Allan Silks nothing could be further from the truth. Kim Allan Silks produces comfortable, ultra-breathable, nonrestrictive, sensible, everyday, silk garments.

Kim Allan Silks are a woven silk with long fibres allowing for stretching and flexing with your body. It remains smooth against the body making it perfect for sleeping uniquely keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The Top Five Reasons People Love Kim Allan Silk
  1. These silks are perfect for travel. You can toss them into your luggage and rest-assured they will still look great at your destination. They are also easy to hand-wash with shampoo in your Parisian hotel room's petite sink, and they dry in a snap.
  2. Silk is perfect for the hot flashes and night sweats of menopause. Silk breathes better than other fabrics and wicks away fabric keeping you dry and sound asleep.
  3. Silk is gentle on even the most sensitive skin. The garments are so light and delicate they are preferred for conditions like post-radiation.
  4. Used under clothing, the silk provides warmth without bulk.
  5. No fabric has all the amazing properties of silk: absorbency, comfort, strength and weightlessness. And Kim Allan Silks takes these attributes and transforms them into sensible silks for every body.
Secret Drawers Lingerie has carried Kim Allan Silks for years and they continue to remain popular thanks to their timeless designs and versatility. We carry a loungewear collection including pieces like a chemise and a long gown in 70/30 Silk/Cotton blend. This blend retains the properties of silk but creates a more opaque garment that can be worn at home or out to a summer dinner al fresco.

We also carry the 100% silk line which includes french and full cut underwear, long and short shirts, a camisole with adjustable straps, and more. This season, look for colours like red pepper (seen right) and eggplant.

By devoting the last 13 years to creating luxurious undergarments, Kim Allan proves that underwear matters.

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