Friday, July 9, 2010

Prima Donna Lingerie: Putting Women of All Sizes First

Prima Donna comes from the Italian, literally meaning first lady. And while a president's wife rarely makes an appearance at Secret Drawers Lingerie, we do feel that our Prima Donna lingerie puts women first.

Some lingerie lines are cheeky enough to size only the slightest of women, but the beautiful Prima Donna Stockholm, above, is available all the way up to an H cup. It arrived just this week and comes in ocean blue, with matching thongs and panties available.

Prima Donna is known for its fine embroidery and romantic feel. It's designed to flatter a woman's curvaceous body. Wearers tell us they feel seductive in this luxurious line, beautifully adorning figures of all types.

And with looks like the Stockholm, any woman wearing it knows that she is put first.


  1. Dear Secret Drawers,
    Thank you ladies for all your help and service.Your "hanky panky" products are a wonderful way to spice things up with someone you love...
    Thanks again,
    Dr Pat

  2. Dear Dr. Pat,

    It is our pleasure to are most welcome.

  3. hi there i,am a 36-C in a bra but i love prima Donna bras too i love matching bras and panties i have a Drawer full of pretty bras and panties.///


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