Monday, July 5, 2010

Wacoal: Best in Beautiful Basics

Many women who walk through our doors aren't looking for tulle or lace; they're looking for a beautiful basic best that can guarantee comfort in a range of sizes. For these women, we point them towards Wacoal. Here are three of our favorites.

Wacoal creates the front contour bra, seen right, with just a hint of lace, starting in size 32AA for the more petite woman looking to create a delicate feminine shape. We love that this allows us to fit very petite women with a bra that allows them to choose their level of shape with removable "cookies" of padding.

The Wacoal beautiful basic seen left provides superior comfort and support in a calla lily jacquard fabric across the cups. Women dressed in this can expect to see a subtle, smooth silhouette due to this bra's light padding, creating shape and not size. This bra offers full coverage and seamless shaping in a range of sizes. We love this bra because the straps over the shoulders are wide, ensuring they don't dig in, and the generous band across the back, including four hooks, ensures comfort. We particularly love it in the new fashion colour of stone blue.

And finally, this beauty basic has been in our drawers for years at the behest of many of our clients. Outstanding construction and a seamless stretch cup without being molded or padded make it unique. This beauty basic bra is designed to flatter fuller figures and has double-padded underwires for maximum comfort.

We love and wear these bras ourselves because even if you're not looking for french lace and frills, we know that underwear matters.


  1. A bra that flatters fuller figures...yayyy! It was the 'double padded underwires for maximum comfort' that drew my attention. I need one and I'm on my way. Thank you Secret Drawers for addressing the issues of comfort as well as nice style for the fuller figure!

  2. It's so hard to call these styles basic with the level of comfort felt. I'm finally in a cup size which I can enjoy this last style, after 14 yrs of selling it I was envious of the comments coming back. Cate, I agree.... yayyy!

  3. I have two of these bras and love them. I am a smaller frame and it is flattering for me too! Anyone can wear this one!


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