Thursday, September 9, 2010

Take a Trip to Africa - Chantelle Style

Chantelle has been a longstanding favorite at Secret Drawers Lingerie, both for its beautiful fit and its exquisite style.The Chantelle Africa line is a prime example of why we love them. An exclusive appliqué with emphasis on the African sun makes each piece one of a kind. We continually order this line, season after season, due to its quality and popularity.

The Africa tops are available in several styles, like the demi-cup seen right. This impeccable design is available in a complete-appliqué full-cup as well.

And if you'd prefer a smooth cup without loosing the Africa's style, a molded cup t-shirt bra (seen left) is also available. The Africa appliqué details are added at the side and on the straps. This molded cup fits a petite figure particularly well.

Chantelle Africa Bottoms

In addition to the variety in bras, the Africa line offers multiple styles of bottoms as well. The brief (seen left) is perhaps the most conservative, with a flat front and appliqué at the hip.

A thong (not shown) is also available. It has sheer toule appliqué at the front which follows smoothly, low on the hip, to a small keyhole at the back.

The newly-popular boyshort style (seen right) has a bra-matching sun appliqué running across the front, side and back. The bottom edging is scalloped with additional petal details. It flatters with a cheeky cut on the bottom.

More Chantelle to Come

And while the Africa line is one of our standards, we have a brand new Chantelle line being brought in for the winter 2010 season. Watch this space next week, for details.

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