Monday, September 27, 2010

The Unbelievabra's Benefits - Thoughts From a Chiropractor

Secret Drawers Lingerie has been open more than a decade, and in that time we've managed to ferret out what we consider to be the very best in sleepwear, lingerie and well, every kind of underwear. We rave about our products because we've personally gotten to know and love them. But you don't have to just take our word for it, here is a doctor's unique thoughts on one of our latest purchases: the Unbelievabra Ultimate by Shapeez.
The Unbelievabra — Postural support never looked so good

The Uubelievabra is everything that I have been telling my patients to buy for the past eighteen years and I just did not know it existed. I, in the past, suggested my female patients wear a posture bra/sports bra of their choosing... of course as any woman knows sports bras smash the breasts and are all made from none breathable nylon/spandex making them something that most of my patients would refuse to wear.

The reason I would tell my female patients, especially large breasted patients, to wear sports bras is because any bra that puts all of the weight of your breasts on a 1-2" back band puts too much stress on one maybe two of your thoracic vertebra. This situation ends up causing a lot of the much more common in women than men middle back pain. Thus the reason for me suggesting the use of sports bras in the past that is until my wife found the Unbelievabra. Wow is all I can say!! Perfect back support plus beautifully designed cups for great breast support and very pretty lace embroidery detail work, all of this and it gets rid of "back fat and muffin top" too. Finally an unbelievable bra that both women and their Doctor of Chiropractic can appreciate.

Dr. Bret R Staley
While we don't completely agree with Dr. Staley's view on sport's bras, we are thrilled to know that this new foundation garment may have benefits that even we hadn't noticed. Dr. Staley has alerted us to another way that underwear matters.


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