Monday, September 20, 2010

Trasparenze, Voilà, Philippe Matignon - Stockings to Seduce

The term "stockings" refers to a garment that covers the foot and lower-leg, while pantyhose actually refers to the toes to waist garment that women commonly wear now. These terms are currently often used interchangeably. Pantyhose proper weren't introduced into the market until 1959 and became a fashion necessity in the 1960's with the popularity of the mini-skirt.

We've come a long way since hand-sown silk, and stockings are now a fashion piece in their own right.


Trasparenze is an Italian company, and while they offer a full-line of stockings, we bring in their particularly seductive pieces.On the right, is an example of a provocative Seisho design. This is one of our most seductive offerings as it appears to be an outfit of stockings, panties and a garter belt, but it actually is a one-piece pantyhose. This is sometimes known as garter hose. It is an 80-denier material, thick enough to hide any leg or thigh blemishes.

On the left is a Trasparenze JKay stay-up. It's more sheer in a 20 denier and sports red criss-crossing ribbons with a buckle at the thigh and ankle.

(Having trouble keeping track of your deniers? The larger the number, the more opaque the material. Most everyday sheer stockings are a 20 denier, but keep in mind each company's idea of a denier is different. More stocking and lingerie information can be found here.)


We have carried Voilà in our stores for years for their everyday looks as well as something a touch more daring. Below an everyday pantyhose is shown with the ever-popular Voilà fishnet stay-up.

Philippe Matignon

Searching for more coverage? No problem, we can help you there too. Philippe Matignon offers a tight that is all the way at 180 denier. No need to have cold legs on a cool Vancouver Island morning this winter.

In-store, at Secret Drawers Lingerie, we have many more designs to suit any outfit or mood because whether you like coverage to your thigh or your waist, whether you're using them to seduce or stay warm, stockings are just another type of underwear that matters.


  1. Great website, I am coming in to check out those fancy stockings.

  2. Does Secret Drawers carry any beautifull paterned panty hose for large sized women?

  3. Our selection of stockings, especially patterned options have a size range going to 6'l" and 220lbs. I'm just under 5'10" wearing a size 16-18 and I'm nicely accommodated in these lines. A friend of mine wearing size 20, over the 220lbs. is also wearing the 5XL which I'm in.


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