Friday, October 12, 2012

How to Wear Socks with Heels or Boots

Today we were please to see that our piece on wearing socks with heels or boots came out in the Comox Valley Record. But, in case you missed it, here are our tips:
Whether wearing pumps, spikes or platforms, some women think the only options underneath are to go with pantyhose or with nothing at all, but fashionistas tell us differently. Now it’s perfectly acceptable to show off socks as cute accessories under boots or heels.

The secret to socks and heels is getting the right socks paired with the right heels. Think texture. Find socks and shoes that have different colours and textures – you never want to be matchy-matchy. If you have a solid black shoe, try a hot pink, striped sock. If you have patterned shoes then try a solid, dark-coloured sock. And don’t forget, those socks have to be thin as it never looks good if your socks bulge out the top of your shoes.

Socks and boots are another hot trend. Some women have always enjoyed this look but it’s recently become a fashion phenomenon. And best of all, this is a look where fashion meets function. A long sock under a boot keeps you warm and dry and looks stylish too.

To pair boots with socks think about length and style. Of course, you have to invest in socks that will hit above the height of your boot. This might mean mid-calf socks for ankle boots or knee-high or even thigh-high socks for taller boots. Some socks can be slouched for a more relaxed look while others must be pulled tight to look put-together. And keep in mind, ankle-high boots tend to cut legs off and make you look shorter, so adding a short slouchy sock on top of that might add weight where you don’t want it.

To find a stylish combination think complimentary and not matching. If you have a fun, patterned sock, pair it with a simple boot without a high heel like a riding boot. If you have a smooth, simple sock feel free to pair it with adorned and heeled boots. And don’t forget fun socks with those wellies for the rainy days.

In all, consider socks a fashion accessory just like any other. Invest in colours, styles and patterns to create either a fun and flirty look or a pulled-together, sophisticated and sexy air.

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