Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Get Your Head in Bed

Well, it's official, the weather has definitely turned on the West Coast. Courtenay has gone from streaming sun to raging rain. But that's OK. We're tough West-Coasters and we can take it.

But there's no harm in softening winter's blow and at Secret Drawers Lingerie, we think you can do it with pajamas. Cozy, warm, stylish, relaxed pajamas. 

To the right you'll see a pj design that just came in. It's the Black New York Botanical print by BedHead. We've been carrying BedHead for years and we can attest to its long-wearing beauty. Pick a set up this year and don't be surprised if five years down the road, people still mistake it as new.

Find these and other stylish BedHead pajamas in both a stretch and polished cotton. And don't forget the matching BedHead robe. Then you can scoff at the rain in style.

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