Monday, June 14, 2010

You Are Invited to Sneek a Peek Inside - After Hours

Secret Drawers Lingerie will be hosting a complimentary tasting of Isagenix products with MaryAnne Meredith this Thursday, June 17th, at 7pm.

We will be enjoying samples and having fun amongst the satin and lace. We'll be sampling Isagenix, sharing our experiences and learning more about the benefits of a great nutritional shake.

Come and find out what the secret is about.

You are welcome to bring someone, or just come with your questions. An announcement will be made....


  1. Do underwire bras cause cancer?
    It's the only kind I can wear because I did have cancer. I went to Secret Drawers with a problem. A bra was a very uncomfortable garment, due to an incision that started between the breasts and continued downward for several inches. A sports bra was the best I could do, and even then I eliminated a lot without trying them on because there was a ridge in the bottom elastic that would cut into me. Finally, with a special event on the horizon I went to Secret Drawers where the lady, after hearing the details of my problem went to a drawer and brought out the salvation. It's perfect. I can wear one for 18 hours and never give the matter a thought. Prior to that, it wouldn't be 18 minutes after putting one on that I would stuff a piece of soft fabric between the scar and the bra I was trying to wear.
    Does this type of bra cause cancer? To be honest, I got cancer without owning one of those bras, and today I wouldn't consider any other kind than the one she recommended that day, a Wacoal.

  2. Hi Carol,

    It is the story like yours that makes our job so very worthwhile. We love and believe in what we do at Secret Drawers. Thank you for that validation. Stay healthy with comfort!

  3. I prefer "no underwire" and Nena and Vashti always offer me something new and pretty every time I shop. Diane G.


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