Thursday, May 27, 2010

Envie de Cotton: The Comfort of Jeans Comes to Your Underwear Drawer

This week marks the delivery of a new Lejaby design: the Envie de Cotton. I suspect this is soon to be a favorite of many.

This bra has the unique feature of being mostly cotton, as the name suggests. In Secret Drawers Lingerie's history of 14 years, this is only our fourth bra that has been mostly cotton. Most manufacturers won't make cotton bras because cotton is less forgiving than more modern materials and so requires more skill and care.

But the people at Lejaby don't shy away from more challenging designs. Lejaby makes some of the most exquisite pieces we've ever seen, and this one is no exception. The Envie de Cotton mimics the blue jean in its appearance and it's accented with button details. It's a full-cup bra, meaning that it offers full support, and has coordinating panties or thong available.

Blue jeans are the comfortable, second skin that most of us rely on for weekend comfort. With this bra and panties set, that comfort can be with you everyday.


  1. These are beautiful! I love the idea of cotton, it's so natural and feels beautiful next to your skin! Thanks again Secret Drawers for having the stuff we need and reminding me I need new underwear!

  2. I'm glad you like them. We actually had one almost fly out the door yesterday.

    And yes, we're always here to remind you to buy new underwear.


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