Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wearing White Lingerie (before Memorial day)

Memorial Day is coming up and while for some this means picnics and fireworks, for us at Secret Drawers Lingerie, it means the official emergence* of white lingerie. Just in case you're not a Miss Mannors follower and want to get into your whites early, we thought we'd provide a few tips on wearing white lingerie.

Who wears white?

Lots of people, actually. White is now officially considered a "color" and not a neutral, so many designers use it to make a fashion statement. White lingerie runs the gamut from traditional panties, like those many of us grew up with, to the devastatingly sexy bra and rio brief set in the Menton line by Prima Donna, seen left.

Isn't white just for brides?

White certainly is a bridal favorite, but we get requests for it from many. Peeling away layers of clothing only to reveal the sweet innocence of white underpinnings is seen as very romantic for many.

So, are there any rules for wearing white?

Well, at Secret Drawers Lingerie we don't believe in rules, but if you'd like a couple of suggestions:
  1. White lingerie will show under light-colored clothes. If you're looking to keep things hidden, try a color that's close to your skin tone. Of course, we believe it's perfectly acceptable to show off exquisite lingerie, but we'll leave that up to you.
  2. If you are choosing white for bridal, try a molded cup with a skinny strap like the Twist line by Prima Donna, seen right. The smooth cups will give your breasts the boost you want under your dress with straps that are easy to hide. 
  3. While you should always look for a good fit, for whites it's particularly important not to have too tight a fit. White can show lumps and bumps more easily than other colors.
  4. White looks particularly stunning on people with a darker skin-tone. If you're naturally light-skinned, try some self-tanner.
Just remember, whites are no longer just boring, everyday wear, or to be saved for a wedding day. Whites now come with every purpose in mind from nice to naughty, so indulge in a new crisp, clean piece this summer.

* And yes, of course we carry white lingerie year-round. Beautiful accoutrements simply cannot be dictated by the calendar.

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  1. Oooh! there's something so elegant about wearing white undies. I love the lacy set at the top by Prima Donna. Maybe you could post some tips on keeping them lovely and white.

  2. Thank so much for your comment.It's a great suggestion for a future piece on how to keep lingerie fresh and lasting.

  3. Regardless of the color, Prima Donna, is bar none the best fitting line of lingerie I've ever worn. I'm a convert and as long as Prima Donna makes lingerie I will continue to purchase their lingerie. Thanks Vashti and Nena for introducing me to the wonderful world of lingerie!

  4. Thank you Lynette,

    I'm so pleased that Prima Donna has met your needs. We are proud to carry this line as it is both supportive and beautiful. Wait till you see the fall colors...


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