Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Meet Estar McMillan – The Woman Behind the Window

December marks the Walk the Windows contest in downtown Courtenay so it’s the perfect time to talk about E. M. Interior Design, the firm behind the window displays of Secret Drawers Lingerie.

Seen above: Chantelle bra with CASS body-shaper and a Diamond Tea robe.
Estar McMillan is the woman behind E. M. Interior Design and we always look forward to seeing her monthly vignettes. She shows a deft hand in creating seasonal displays featuring our products in sophisticated and fun ways. We sat down with McMillan to learn more about her design ideals.
“I make it (the window design) exude what we’re selling… my goal is to make it sensual, flirty, but not over the top or cheesy,” says McMillan, “I try hard to make it as classy as I can. It’s beautiful product; it’s a joy to be able to work with it. And every time my client is happy, I’m happy.”
McMillan started working with us about a year ago and immediately she was a natural fit.
“I really believe in their philosophy in dressing from the inside out, so I think about that all the time when I do the windows. It speaks loudly,” says McMillan.
Seen above: Prima Donna bra and panty, Chantelle bra and panty and Naked underwear for men.
The stunning window designs show our lingerie in its most desirous light. Her creative talent really shines; and maybe most creative of all is her ability to reuse, repurpose and even create some of the stunning elements seen in our windows. This season’s five-foot high snowflakes are her latest creation.
“I use my imagination a lot in a time when the economy is a bit tricky. It’s important not to throw everything out and start over. I believe design should be affordable for everyone not just people with money.”
And it seems that McMillan is as happy working with us as we are working with her,
“Pulling all the elements together, the plan of the space, and the materials for the end product: it’s a passion; it’s a joy. Lighting, colour, everything we use… (I love) helping people see the vision and see how pleased they are with the end product, it’s the compliments when they’re thrilled with the job.”
And while her designs are always topics of conversation for both us and our clients, we’ll give McMillan and her designs the last words,
“I like to let my work speak for itself.”
You can contact E. M. Interior Design at emid1027@shaw.ca.

[Remember, voting for your favorite window display enters you to win a $1000 downtown shopping spree other other great prizes. Come by and vote today.]


  1. Well done EM Interior Design. It's lovely to watch you in action and of course the end result is fabulous.
    Seriously, Cathy

  2. Excellent windows! They are always classy with a twist of fun.


  3. Yes,Estar is important part of our team. She makes us look good. Thanks for noticing.


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