Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Why Band-Extenders Don't Work

With a bra, fit is key. With a good fit you get lift and support and look more sleek and youthful. With bad fit you can look older, heavier and bumpy. And this fit is critical for everyone no matter their age or breast type. Everyone needs a good fit to look their best.

And while they may seem conveniet, bra extenders do not help with fit. Some women think that if their band is digging into them, or their breasts are spilling out of the cup, a band extender will solve the problem, but it just isn't so.

Illustration by Chantelle
The thing about a bra is that it is a magnificant example of engineering. Every line, every seam, every piece of metal and plastic are all specifically designed to fit a specific shape and size. And by altering the proportions of one component of a bra, all the other components are thrown off too. They cannot compensate for a band being bigger than it should.

More often than not, all a band extender does is make the bra "float" on your breasts and this leaves you without support, lift and shape as the center of the bra no longer rests on your breastbone.

If your bra is tight on you because you've changed shape over time, remember, it's not necessarily the band that needs to change, it might be the cup and in most cases it is both. Only when getting into a new size can these changes be achieved.

So if you're uncomfortable and your bra is digging into you, we encourage you to engage us in a complimentary fitting. We always work hard to find the best fit for you.

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