Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fashion Lace by Hanky Panky

Hanky Panky makes the most comfortable thong in the world. Most of our clients know and love Hanky Panky for this fact but Hanky Panky does more than just create signature lace thongs. Hanky Panky also creates designs with the finest embroidery and printed lace

To the right is the Fashion Lace Embroidered Tulle Underwire Bra with matching thong. In this design, Hanky Panky has taken embroidery to a whole new level. The demi-style bra is in a delicate tulle topped with finely-designed florals. This open design is suitable for smaller bosoms.

To the left is the matching babydoll and g-string combination. Enjoy the fine embroidery, as above, but with a waterfall of signature Hanky Panky lace below.

Find these Hanky Panky designs in small, medium and large. Enjoy them as a secret under your everyday wear, or as stunning bedroom pieces.

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