Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Hanky Panky Brings Out Your Inner Feline

Looking for something to put a little growl in the bedroom? How about this new Big Cat Print by Hanky Panky. We think these pieces will bring out your inner huntress.

New in store now are these Big Cat Print Hanky Panky designs. We're carrying the chemise (seen right), the camisole, both regular (shown) and low rise thongs, and the boypant.

The chemise is unlined and in their signature stretch lace with Chantilly-style lace cups and adjustable straps. It's approximately 32 inches long and comes in sizes small through large.

This oversized leopard print will transform your bedroom into the Serengeti. Watch out for your emerging inner carnivore though - I've heard she can be ruthless.

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