Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Most Comfortable Nursing Bra Ever

Nursing bonds mother and child together in a way that nothing else does, but bras aren't known to add to that experience. And while we can't promise a quality nursing bra will help bonding, what we can say, is that a Bravado nursing bra will make the process easier, more comfortable and highlight your gentle curves between nursings.

Today we shine the spotlight on The Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra by Bravado. This bra is not only fashionable with a Jacquard pattern, but it also meets all the requirements a new mom could have. This bra contains removable foam cups, cups that allow full access to the breast and nursing clips that are easy to open and close.

This award-winning bra attracts celebrities and the average mom alike. Come in a try it on to see how it melts into your body and provides nursing comfort like none other.

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