Wednesday, November 26, 2014

New Chantelle - The Vendome - Celebrates a Gemstone Theme

Chantelle's pieces are designed in France, and we can definitely see the hand of the French at work. They often provide classic lines with modern themes as seen in today's feature: the Vendome. The Vendome, by Chantelle, provides full coverage and a great uplift in a wide range of sizes all while celebrating a modern take on the gemstone.

This Chantelle piece is being offered in ultra nude, a colour that will disappear under even light-coloured fabrics for most. It is available in sizes 34-44, cups B-H, making it perfect for almost anyone looking for a fashionable look that supports and defines.

We love the details the Vendome offers like embroidered, striking straps, a fun and unique pattern on the cup and a small jewel at the breastbone. Of course, in order to truly appreciate the way this design makes you look and feel, you have to wear it, so stop by today and give it a try. 

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