Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Why Does Underwear Matter?

Lingerie. A word not in widespread use until 1852, from the French, “things made of linen”. Lingerie was introduced into the English language as a euphemism for “scandalous under-linen”.

While most lingerie made today is no longer linen, we, at Secret Drawers Lingerie, like to think that a tiny bit of scandal remains.

Whether your taste runs to dark and seductive black, fiery and feisty red, or smooth and creamy white, lingerie is too beautiful to keep in the bottom dresser drawer. Beautiful underthings lift you up from the puff of your chest, to the raised tips of your smile. They are a personal gift you give yourself, or a smoothing and sculpting skin given to the moment. They are a reminder of femininity, beauty, or even whimsy. What you wear underneath informs everything you wear over-top.

At Secret Drawers Lingerie believe that all women deserve fun, flirty, and fitted bras, underwear, nighties, robes (a sample Bella Notte seen in our store, left), and other goodies in the most decadent silks, lace, and new materials like micro-fiber. We aim for a fun and personalized experience in our store, at our events, hopefully some amusement will spill onto the web as well. Look here for laughs, facts, promotions, and information on our ever-popular fashion shows. Drop by here to take a moment for yourself, get inspired, and remember, underwear matters.


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  2. Definitely says citrus. I like it.


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