Thursday, May 13, 2010

BedHead and Bella Notte in Their Natural Habitat

Secret Drawers Lingerie is lucky enough to be located in the beautiful Comox Valley on Vancouver Island. Here, we enjoy breathtaking views of Mt. Washington, the Comox Glacier, and the Pacific Ocean. In fact, we can enjoy these views while drinking coffee in our pajamas.

Or we could, if we lived in The Shores at King Coho. Our beautiful model on the right is lucky enough to be relaxing in her BedHead pj's on a balcony in one of their beautiful condos. The greens, and hints of blue and yellow in her outfit fit in perfectly with natural, peaceful surroundings.

While we're on the subject, we love the beautiful wooden arches, and granite counter-tops found in the condo bathrooms. Our model's black-and-white, sunflower, BedHead pajamas go perfectly with the modern, clean lines of the rectangular, white sink and dark, granite counter-tops.

Our model didn't mind taking as many shots as we wanted as the tile floors are electrically heated. Cuddly, sunflower, BedHead pajamas should always be accompanied with warm toes.

(She also looked longingly at the body massagers built into the shower, but unfortunately we had to pull her away for other shots. Being a model can be tough sometimes.)

And finally, Nena's personal favorite, an exquisite Bella Notte robe worn by our model in a library complete with built-in bookcases and hardwood floors. With this much space, Nena would finally have a place to put all the books she voraciously reads.

I also adore the luxury of the Bella Notte robe. It's in a silk-velvet which can only be truly appreciated in person. It's longer in the back, allowing multi-colored glints of light to trail gently behind you as you move. It drapes beautifully over a woman's curvaceous frame.

We'd like to thank Muchalat Construction for allowing us access to The Shores at King Coho, before all these beautiful units are snatched up.

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