Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Summer Hanky Panky is Here

Hanky Panky is a lacy line including thongs, boyshorts, camis, and more, and they truly show that spring has sprung. We just barely manage to keep these on the shelves. If our customers are any indication, these really are the most comfortable thongs on the market, and they even come in an ultra-low-rise variety.

For the summer, Hanky Panky has brought out a new pattern: a bright kaleidoscope of butterflies accented with sky-blue trims. To the left is the spaghetti-strap, unlined cami skimming the top of the lace butterfly thong. The cami straps adjust for the perfect fit.

This cami would look great under a linen jacket, light for the summer, but we think it looks fabulous all on its own too.

To the right is the matching boyshort. These panties have a medium rise and cover the hips and backside with blue lace trim around the waistband and leg.

The name might say "boy" but the look is all girl as a bottom tends to look lifted in this cut.

Come see us in person for many more choices. Patterns like these definitely prove that underwear matters.


  1. I got some of these the last time I visited Secreat Drawers and they are super comfortable and so pretty too! All this and a great price Yay!

  2. I see we've made a convert :) It's really true that Hanky Panky "makes the most comfortable thong in the world"!


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