Friday, October 22, 2010

Pajamas Are Extremely Popular Christmas Gifts

Yes, that's right, I said the word: Christmas. I know, of course, that it's two months away, but the earlier you browse the selection at Secret Drawers Lingerie, the more satisfied you and your giftee will be.

Today's pajama selection is from Frankie and Johnny. Frankie and Johnny's idea is a simple one: Create a line of fun, comfy, cozy jammies that you can live in, 24/7.

Frankie and Johnny pull their inspiration from family adventure and everyday things, like these moccasin-clad lounge pjs, seen right. Like every Frankie and Johnny style we have selected this year, these are made of bamboo rayon and cotton. And yes, the deep red utters the word Christmas, but the whimsical print makes it in season any time.

Sleepshirts by Frankie and Johnny are also available. The Le Maroc sleepshirt, seen left, consists of a classic black-and-white pattern adorned with contrasting trim and buttons, and one front pocket under the left shoulder.

This sleepshirt is designed not only for comfort but to also create a flattering sillouette as you sip hot cocoa with your kids. And just like all Frankie and Johnny fabrics, the texture of this sleepshirt feels like a blend of cashmere and silk.

Not feeling Christmassy yet? No problem. The bamboo-climbing pandas on this lounge pj don't require the addition of a holiday. This endearing design, seen right, reminds the wearer that they are indeed wearing fabric made of bamboo. The fabric wicks away moisture making Frankie and Johnny pajamas versatile in both winter and summer.

True, the bamboo flannel of these garments make them snuggly, but the pandas on the print don't hurt either. On the lounge styles there is a button-up front with two pockets, as well as an elastic drawstring waistband on the pant.

We do admit, it's hard to choose between Bedhead Pajamas, The Cat's Pajamas, Blush pajamas or Frankie and Johnny pajamas. The only advice we can give is to come in and see for yourself. By the time you leave, you may find your Christmas list half done.

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