Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chantelle Hedona - Seamlessly Beautiful

Chantelle is one of our best selling lines thanks to figure friendly designs and a wide variety of available sizing. We welcome the Chantelle Hedona to our collection for just those reasons.

The Chantelle Hedona has a feature many women are looking for in a bra: a molded, seamless cup. This is a t-shirt friendly bra because you won't see the tell-tale bumps of lace or embroidery when you wear it under even the thinnest of tops.

We carry this piece in nude. Try it on and see it virtually disappears under even sheer fabrics. The Hedona is Chantelle's best selling design and with its versatility we can see why. When you need a go-to bra for everyday wear, the Chantelle Hedona is underwear that matters.

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