Thursday, May 26, 2011

To the Groom: Get Naked

We know every man looks good in a well-tailored tux, and the flower in the groom’s lapel matches the bouquet perfectly. It is disappointing though, to see his undergarments chosen with so little thought. Men can look great and be comfortable both in, and out of, their wedding duds.

Men’s underwear design has come a long way since bulky, white cotton and generic elastic. A popular choice of modern materials is now microfiber, with Italian microfiber being of the highest quality. Microfiber hugs the body – no bunches under that tux – and is completely breathable for air circulation on the skin. Look for seamless designs with good stretch that feel like wearing nothing at all.

What to Get?

Briefs aren’t the only option in terms of style. Another popular choice is the boxer brief which is more modern than either the boxer or the brief. A boxer brief has the same waistline as a brief but with added coverage on the hip. A quality product will lay flat on the skin and not ride up. Also available are waistband-free designs for a smooth look and added comfort at the waist.

Get Naked

A long list of attributes to looks for, to be sure, but one company out of Vancouver has gotten it all right: Naked Boxer Brief Clothing. Joel Primus, a filmmaker and model, was inspired to create this new line of men’s underwear after a visit to South America.

After a year of product development, including sourcing of Italian microfiber not then seen in Canada, Naked was born. Sleek and stylish, these underwear are designed to make men feel, well, naked. The Naked brief, or boxer brief, are comfortable everyday wear, but as they come in black or white, they fit the style of a wedding tux perfectly.

Naked underwear can be found at Secret Drawers Lingerie on 5th street in downtown Courtenay. Be sure to get Naked on your wedding night.

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