Thursday, July 28, 2011

Make Room for Lingerie that Loves You Back

We are pleased to have an article featured in this week's Valley Living section of the Comox Valley Record. You'll find our article, Make Room for Lingerie that Loves You Back on page eight.

An excerpt from the article:
In Feng Shui the closet represents secrets: the Manolo Blahnik fetish you’re hiding; the coat you paid way-too-much for and never wore; the muff made of real fur, even though you tell everyone it’s faux. And nowhere are there more secrets than in an underwear drawer.

We women do love to keep secrets. The two sanctuaries are the purse and the underwear drawer. No one dare go into either without an engraved invitation. Why all the secrecy around the skivvies? Well, it’s hard to say exactly, but in general, we don’t want people to know we’re living in the past...
Read the article to learn the three cardinal sins of the underwear drawer and how fixing them can make you look and feel more beautiful.

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