Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Keep Your Toes Cozy

Last year one of our smaller items that became a big hit was Cozy Toes - Cozies for your Toesies. One feel inside these comfy socks made people snap them right up, so we brought them back again this year.

Cozy Toes have a seamless outer lining with an inner lining of lamb's fleece. This fleece is not itchy or irritating but instead cushions and warms the foot. These socks are designed to be used instead of slippers and some have a non-slip tread.

These socks are convenient because they're perfect for around the house but can also be worn in bed. Cozy Toes are commonly worn by those with circulation problems and by those with sensitive feet.

Don't let the morning chill nip at your toes - make them Cozy instead.

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