Monday, November 14, 2011

It's Our Birthday - Celebrate with Us

Time has flown by, but as it turns out, as of this Thursday, we are 15 years young.We've weathered the storms of being a new business, a lagging economy and even our store being burned to the ground, but we're still standing tall as ever.

You Get the Gifts

And because we know that without our clients we wouldn't have had 15 years to enjoy, we're giving you the gifts.

Thursday night, from 6-9 PM we will be holding our birthday celebration with surprises in store for you. Fun entertainment will be provided by Glenny Davidson who does reiki and colour therapy readings and Darlene Jones the author of Embattled about what if 3 wishes could come true.

And yes, we might just be having a sale. Stay tuned tomorrow for more details.

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  1. Happy Birthday! wish I could be there to help you celebrate!!



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