Monday, April 23, 2012

A Sports Bra You'll Actually Want to Wear

When women are looking for a sports bra, they have many options, but not necessarily many good options as anyone who has suffered with the bras that simply mash your breasts can attest. But Anita's sports bras are different - they are designed for a comfortable, yet bounceless, fit.

To the right is the Anita Momentum sports bra. It provides extreme support and yet remains comfortable thanks to its padded straps and net backing. Although the breasts have definition, you won't find a wire or a seam. And high-tech fabrics keep you cool and dry as you put this garment through its paces.

Find the Anita Momentum in our drawers in sizes 36 - 42 through to a HH cup. 

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  1. A good sports bra comes with a motion control rating that lets you change the level of support to match your activity. It combines a seamless, wireless inner bra with an adjustable panel for custom comfort and control. Try to go to a website and look for the styles you need, depending on your activity. Well, you don’t have to buy a sports bra online, it’s just nice to have a good look of its different styles and features as it will help you once you decide to buy in the store.


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