Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New BedHead Gown and Chemise

New BedHead pajamas in this week are already selling like really comfortable hotcakes. These items are cute, fun and resemble summer dresses you might wear out in the sun.

To the right is the BedHead Little Tokyo stretch ballet gown. This cotton gown flows down to the ankles and uses small buttons for detail. It's lightly gathered under the bust for a flattering shape. Brightly-coloured Asian images will make you smile as you flounce about in this gown.

On the left is the Palm Springs Paisley Pool chemise by BedHead. This PJ provides a bit of a sexier look while remaining every bit as comfortable and easy to wear. Throw it on while you sip drinks on the deck.

We'll be featuring more styles of BedHead as well as this is just the start of our lighter pajama lines. Flannel or cotton, thick or thin, BedHead has a style that will suit you.

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