Monday, October 6, 2014

New 3/4 Robe in Graphite

While some people don't like to be reminded of it, winter is well on it's way. As we enjoy the last vestiges of the warm weather, we should probably all also be pulling out our woolies.

But, to make things feel a little easier, we suggest you also bring out your cozy robes that may have been too toasty for the summer. These can be enjoyed straight out of the shower or around the house. We carry several lines of robes including the (nearly infamous) Diamond Tea, but today's offering is from Kenan's Frou Frou collection: it's a 3/4 robe in graphite.

It may be hard to ferret from the image, but this robe actually has 3/4 sleeves along with a 3/4 length. This is perfect for many women who find the wide cuffs on robes a bother -- these won't get in the way. Also, if you've found that robes are often cut for someone taller than you, this one is guaranteed not to drag along the floor.

This robe is a cotton and model blend, making it easy care  as well as absorbent after a bath. Find this Kenan Frou Frou piece in sizes up to 1X.

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