Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Secret Slimmer You Need for Your Holiday Party Look

Lingerie is often devoted to making you look great when you're not wearing that fancy cocktail frock, but the fact of the matter is, at Secret Drawers Lingerie, we carry pieces that will make you look great in your clothes too. Most people have heard of the line Spanx, but you might not be aware of everything it has to offer.

Of course, we carry standard Spanx pieces like the shorts, cami and high-waisted pieces but we also carry the full slip, featured on the right, and this piece offers some distinct advantages under a dress.

A slip makes the most sense under a dress for the smoothest silhouette, but this slip is special because it is open-busted -- with it, you can wear your own bra. Gone are the days where to achieve a smooth form you had to flatten your bosom. Now, you can tighten and tone and still keep all your womanly curves.

This open-busted Spanx is their most popular silhouette and when you see how it makes you look in your favorite frock, you can see why. Also note, this piece has built-in underwear closed with hook and eyes and a silicone strip at the hem to keep it from rising.

Try this super-sleek look today. And don't forget to bring your party dress with you when you do it so you can see exactly how it will improve your look.

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